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 0.50 stars

incomplete map to destination.

 5.00 stars


 0.50 stars

Directions lead in opposite direction to a different city on the opposite side of the state.

 1.00 stars

Can’t get printed directions only maps!

 5.00 stars

Excellent because you do not have to download an app required by other apps such as Google.

 0.50 stars

So obviously this is just a site to book hotel rooms now. It doesn’t give all the details that it used to such as how many miles you stay on a road or how long it takes to get there. Very disappointed

 0.50 stars

No where near Richmond Tx!

 5.00 stars

Excellent! Simple and concise!

 0.50 stars

What happened to Map Quest? It is terrible now. Bring back the old way. Yikes!!!

It took me forever to get my driving directions. Then when I finally did and printed them out; the printing was so small, I could hardly read the directions.

Please bring back the old way.

 2.50 stars

Instructed ti start off on bates hill and I have no idea where that idea where the southeast lies..."suddenly realized who the robots are....the one handling has deserted.

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