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 5.00 stars

Better than Mapquest and Google! Shorter and more direct.

 5.00 stars

Excellent directions street by street

 4.50 stars

Good directions, thanks.

 4.50 stars

Clear cut and concise.

 1.00 stars

Lousy. Could not get distance. It kept changing routs. Could not get it to remain still so I could study it. Final, analysis. I abandoned it

 3.50 stars

Under new management. There are some road reonovations that are taking place, and its a little out of the way, but it offers real promise in the near future.

As the new manager, I'd say its at a 3/5 now. Much work to be done. The last manager didn't communicate well at all. She just kind of took on the job without any sort of interview process. When I interviewed her about a similar position, she declined it.

Anyway. Its a work in progress. Dont mind the poor construction of previous managment. Allow some time for development and proper materials to be brought in for construction.

 2.00 stars

Directions were valid but a little confusing.

 1.00 stars

No direction to lady Evelyn lake from newmarket

 5.00 stars


 0.50 stars

J U N K ! MapQuest used to be helpful - not any more ! Now its a piece of CRAP !

I will look elsewhere for GOOD FREE DIRECTIONS.

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