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 5.00 stars

First time the directions were perfect. No uturns
at all..
Priot to this trip to 650 Bethel drive, Sherwood Park, one they told me to do a uturn and then a few minutes later another uturn. Glad you’re improving!

 0.50 stars

Address is not working. 1877 VT route 105 Newport center is not in correct location. It is a horse farm it’s is on 105 regular route not truck route and is not in North Troy

 5.00 stars

finally a mapping site that once more provides directions, but ALSO distance and time!!

Thank you!!

 1.00 stars

sends me onto 407 too hihway and willnot let me change from it

 0.50 stars

It does not allow me to highlight any part of results or DETAILED web link and paste it somewhere this is SIGNIFICANT shortcoming

 5.00 stars


 3.00 stars

best to take 61 to 127 to M-46 to St. Louis

 3.00 stars

i thought hat Google maps you could see everywhere . you have let me down. you had the place where it was but no picture and on the site about where things where you didnt have it on the site

 2.00 stars

Good until you get to Dutchman Lane they should have stayed on Keytown rd. Keytown Rd runs straight through past Dutchman Lane

 5.00 stars

Should have said better than Bing, not Google.


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