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 5.00 stars


 5.00 stars


 5.00 stars

Awesome map with alternate routes, distance, and time!

 0.50 stars

Does not show driving tine nor distance, so the map is useless

 0.50 stars

I'll never use this again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 1.50 stars

told me to turn right instead of left

 0.50 stars

The Bing Maps gets NO stars from me (minus stars wasn't offered as an option!) - I was looking for a map from Marysville, WA to Ethel, WA, somewhere between 2 and 4 hours, and was given a route to somewhere on the East Coast of the U.S. that said 55 hours! DUHHHHH! Really???!!! Now, in order to submit this review, I'm told I have to give it some kind of star rating! Well, ok, at least it knew what country I was talking about!

 4.50 stars

Bing Maps was the only one who showed me a much easier way to get to the point I needed. And they gave me an estimated time to get there. I’m very pleased with this.

 2.50 stars

Didn't see a way to add stops to the trip.

 5.00 stars

lent!Much better than mapquest!


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